Road Map

⭐️ Phase 1

Design logo
Telegram + Twitter
White paper V1
Contract creation
Shilling contest

⭐️ Phase 2

Audit and KYC with CyberScope Team
ILO on UniCrypt
Update Whitepaper V2
Update Website V2
Whitelist Contest
Marketing Campains
Call sessions

⭐️ Phase 3

Listing on PancakeSwap
Community Growth
Call in large Whale Groups
Sites trending such as CoinSniper, WatcherGuru ads, top promoted banners on CNTOKEN.
Listing CMC & CGK
Release NFTs Demo
Reach 3000 holders

⭐️ Phase 4

More Marketing Campaigns
Update NFTs on the website
Reach 5,000 holders
AMA session
Spinning Launch

⭐️ Phase 5

Special Marketing Campaigns
Minting NFTs launch
5000 NFTs live
Special Marketing Campaigns
Spinning Launch
NFTs Marketplace launch
NFT Staking Utility with access to high APY%
Launch APP STARD – Sing To Earn
Update APP on AppStore and CHPLAY
More Coming soon