• For all music lovers, Doge now comes as a media for all music lovers to gain profit by participating with StarD-Star Of Doge. Let’s Sing - Spin and Earn with STARD !!
  • StarD will be The next 1000x Gem in the Doge Trend!
  • StarD-Star Of Doge is a Decentralized Finance (Defi) Token On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). To keep music lovers happy, StarD will have 2% reward for holders for every buy and sell transaction. 6% of each buy and sell transaction will be automatically sent to the StarD marketing wallet ( 3% to be used for further marketing of the token to increase holder interest and the development of the token and to help fund the giveaways to all our StarD holder and 3% use for Buyback and burn every month )
  • StarD will release a lot of NFTs related to music and art – music lovers can use NFTs for staking with high APY and get more Rewards while Singing – Spinning STARD !!!
  • Let's feel the beat with StarD and take money for life !!!
Last modified 8mo ago